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"The intense, thought-provoking and wholly riveting drama about a victim who attempts to take back her own life is a must see during its world premiere run at Geva Theatre Center. ...Pachino's Other Than Honorable is a winner on all fronts-- a reminder that facing an enemy from within-- not from the battlefield-- is the ultimate betrayal to selfless service, loyalty, leadership, and duty." Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

"Other Than Honorable is an exhausting, gripping, devastating triumph, exposing issues that desperately need a champion. ...[It] has the potential to demonstrate that audiences do, indeed, want to analyze, be tasked with the weight of issues usually swept under the rug. After this run, it will undoubtedly be part of many more theatrical seasons across the country." City Newspaper, Rochester. 

"I don't think you should see Other Than Honorable because it addresses important social issues of our time. I don't think you should see Other Than Honorable in order to be inspired to political activism. I think you should see Other Than Honorable because it's a fine play that reminds us that winning at life demands that we all do battle with enemies both from without and within, and because it has evocative dialogue, fabulous acting, and an ending you won't forget."

"It couldn't be more timely and appropriate: the swelling outrage at the routine sexual manipulation, exploitation and violence against underlings, employees, children and especially women has been in our daily news and courts with sickening regularity in recent years. Other Than Honorable is sure to make a lasting impression and win awards. I don't think it needs any major changes to move successfully into a Broadway house."


"A star was born during Geva Theatre's world premiere of Splitting Infinity on Saturday night. Playwright Jamie Pachino 'made contact' with the audience in a deeply satisfying and thought-provoking story about faith, ambition, humanity, friendship and love." -- Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

"Jamie Pachino's artful "Splitting Infinity" is a thoughtful, accessible little gem about using science to prove - or disprove - God's existence." --Denver Post

"...skillfully weaves a path for two people‘s quests for intellectual, spiritual and romantic fulfillment without losing track of its goal or the audience. ...With such a gripping storyline, strong writing and talented acting the stars have aligned for “Splitting Infinity.”" -- The Coloradoan

"This is a temple to science where it's the playwright who works in mysterious ways. Jamie Pachino plots a romance where faith, science and time are the key variables. It's that love story that ignites the mind as well as the heart. In this West Coast premiere, smartly directed by Kirsten Brandt, it's also one of the most stimulating plays San Jose Rep has tackled in recent memory. ...Pachino's laser-sharp wit also gives the play an endearing comic chutzpah. A joke about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and a homage to Yiddish stand-up exist side by side. But the nucleus of the play remains the war of ideas... There are no finite answers, of course. It's Pachino's fearlessness about embracing ambiguity that makes "Splitting Infinity'' such a big bang." -- San Jose Mercury News
NPR Science Friday podcast from RedCat Los Angeles reading featuring Sharon Lawrence and Saul Rubinek: 


"Jamie Pachino's fierce, and fiercely written new play, "Waving Goodbye" is... unquestionably the work of a playwright who can create fresh, strong, memorable characters, who writes with her heart emblazoned on her sleeve and who has a real feel for the stage. She also knows a thing or two about adult relationships, and about the often irreconcilable needs in the life of any truly driven person, whether an artist or an adventurer. ... Her characters give off a searing heat ... wonderfully physical ... utterly enchanting ... riveting ... haunting... and touching. Highly Recommended." -- Chicago Sun-Times

"Jamie Pachino's new work is a beautifully written portrait of loss, rage, change, and the terror—and joy—of trusting another person in the wake of personal cataclysm. ... Pachino writes from the gut and heart in a way that's utterly refreshing. intriguing work that deserves to be heard. " -- Chicago Reader

"Jamie Pachino’s ”Waving Goodbye” examines age-old questions about art’s permanence and life’s fragility, yet each moment crackles with originality. The intimate, coming-of-age drama’s regional premiere... achieves rare theatrical elegance. Past and present commingle without a loss of clarity... The characters define themselves in complex, well-developed language recalling that era. The play is funny —- especially when it skewers artists’ pretensions —- as well as heartbreaking." -- Atlanta Journal

“The whole thing is a surprisingly powerful, touching, occasionally poetic exercise in trying to wave goodbye, one of the hardest and most important things we ever learn to do." -- New City, Chicago

"Jamie Pachino, a bright new star in the playwriting firmament, gives us an exhilarating play about art, love, loss and trust in 'Waving Goodbye'."

"Pachino’ s provocative imagery, poetically-laced writing, and an ensemble of gifted actors, scales remarkable heights." Gay San Diego

"When Pachino pulls out the stops near play's end, we feel it with gale force. We might say of Waving Goodbye what Boggy says of Lily: "You have weight. You glow.""-- Downtown News, Los Angeles

"As the early plays of Lanford Wilson or David Mamet, Pachino's... voice rings out with an exciting clarity, heralding what will surely be a career to watch closely." -- Backstage West


"The Return to Morality is totally cynical, urgently relevant, and wickedly funny .... It strikes the motherlode of iniquity with its trenchant observations on the hypocrisy and venality involved in the merchandising of morality by the media .... From its satirical title to its surprising but satisfying ending, [The Return to Morality] is a play with a punch that entertains as it admonishes."  -- The Stockton Record, California

"... a sardonic knockout, as hilarious as a tent full of clowns and as topical as next year's election ... Pachino's text bristles with caustic wit, directed principally toward hypocrites and opportunists in publishing and in politics ... the acid social commentary comes across as broad brush lunacy, uproarious on its surface, and thoroughly scary beneath ... searing, giddy..."  -- Modesto Bee, California
“Playwright Jamie Pachino’s pointed satire The Return to Morality is a brisk, biting comedy that lunges for the trembling throats of sound-bite-fixated news media and platitude-dealing politicians alike, as well as artists, their art and those who promote or become enamored of that art for the sake of that other fearful American deity, popularity. The play spares no one.”  -- Chico News and Review, California

“As a scathing satire on our media saturated age, it hits one high note after another with the accuracy of a missle. ... Pachino’s script has us laughing out loud even as she attacks her targets with surgical skill.” -- Mongtomery County Sentinel, Maryland

“Buried under all the superficial fun is a thought-provoking commentary on responsibility, both and out of the political arena.” -- The Washington Post

"Intelligently written ... there is not a missed step in the show, which is tied up in a dandy and unexpected ending. Bravo and brava." -- The Union Democrat


“Jamie Pachino’s moving and intelligent new historical play about Aurora Rodriguez was a fascinating tale of a mother daughter trauma played out against a backdrop of revolutionary politics.  Pachino’s play was the most impressive work by a local author produced all year.  She’s a name to watch.” -- Chicago Tribune, (end of year review)

“This moving and ambitious play by an immensely talented writer deserves full houses.   A compelling historical tale [told] with speed, truth and heart…This play deserves a major production.” -- Chicago Tribune (production review)

“… movingly told by Jamie Pachino … a tale that will leave you shaking your head at the unbelievable possibilities – and failures – of human experience.”-- Chicago Sun-Times

“Aurora’s Motive is an intense, well crafted history play … a sad and compelling story of mother’s-love-as-destructive-force, and idealism’s painful transformation into rigidity.” -- New City, Chicago


"A historical free-for-all concept, like a combination of 'Meeting of the Minds' and 'The McLaughlin Group." 
-- The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
"Pachino moves through what could have been dry-as-dust arguments about historiography with an extraordinary grace, intelligence and wit.  She covers all the questions that bedevil postmodern historians ... and still leaves room for lots of laughs and a moving scene or two."  -- Chicago Reader 
"Pachino has created a delightful and provocative conundrum ... [a] rich and amusing play about works and words ... a fascinating trip through history, what makes it, and why we remember those we do, as well as being an account of Theodora that's about as complex as the woman herself surely must have been." -- Nightlines, Chicago

“The provocative, often very funny play by Jamie Pachino ... gives us a beautifully prepared banquet of food for thought.  A textured, complex portrait of the empress ... a genuine ‘must-see.’” --  San Antonio Express


"A fluid and fascinating adaptation by Jamie Pachino succeeds where theater does best.  It makes us see, hear and hurt through others' souls." --  Chicago Tribune

 "Riveting.  ... Pachino's razor sharp RACE just the right cutting edge."  -- Chicago Sun-Times

"chilling...compelling...a must."  -- New City, Chicago

"ingenious and illuminating ..."  -- Los Angeles Times

"I especially recommend this play to those who consider themselves racially unbiased."   -- LA Weekly